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Words of Life

You Are For Me

By Kari Jobe March 29, 2009 Words of Life

“Come and listen, all you who fear God;
let me tell you what he has done for me.
I cried out to him with my mouth;
his praise was on my tongue.” (Psalm 66:16-17)

When Moses was 120 years old, he told the people of Israel that he would not be going into the promised land with them. Instead, Joshua would lead and they would cross over and posses the land just as God had originally promised. Even though Moses would not be leading the way, one thing remained the same: God still promised, “I will never leave or forsake you.” Even though the promise of God was about to be fulfilled, the method in which God had chosen was not quite what some had hoped. (Deuteronomy 31:1-6)

How many times in our lives have we prayed and God answered, but not quite like we had hoped? The good news is that God is faithful to his Word. The “not so good news” is that it may not look like we had originally hoped. Through it all, it’s good to know that He is always for us!

I have always loved music. When I was only three years old, I would stand on the stage with my parents, who were traveling evangelists, and sing my little songs about Jesus. Later, while in the youth group of our church, I began to sing with my dad in our praise group. I remember during nights of worship how we would seek the face of God and the His power would fill the room. The atmosphere was electric. We would see people healed and absolutely changed by His presence. I knew then that I wanted to be connected to worship for the rest of my life.

During my college years I had the privilege of being involved in various worship groups and even recording on other people’s projects. During those years I would still gather with my friends for nights of worship we called “Throneroom.” Every time we met, the Lord was there. It was during those years that I began to write. My songs came out of my journals and my time alone with God. Although I had offers to record a CD of my own, the Lord kept saying that I should wait. It’s in those waiting times that the Lord does so much inside of us. We know that He is faithful to His promises, but sometimes He has a different outcome in mind. Looking back, I can now say that the timing of the Lord was perfect.

After almost 10 years of waiting to record my first solo project, I recently released the CD with Gateway Create and Integrity Music. The CD is filled with songs from many hours alone with the Lord. The song “You Are For Me” was written at a time when I was discouraged and struggling with loneliness. My cries went up before the Father, then the words from my heart made their way onto the page and were set to music. I believe that it has a special anointing to touch the hearts of those who are crying out to God in similar situations.

Recently, on a trip to Honduras, my dad played the Spanish version of that same song for a room full of women at a maximum security prison. As the words of the song sank into their hearts, many of them began to weep. The presence of the Lord began to breathe hope into their hearts again. Some of them caught a glimpse of Jesus and His love for the first time. After the song, many of the ladies prayed to receive Jesus. We were told by those who minister to them week after week that the most hardened criminals were among those who were broken. I am so thankful that the Lord touched their hearts. It’s all about the presence of the Lord.

Be encouraged today. The Lord hears your cries. His promises to you are faithful. His timing may be different than yours and His method may not look like you thought it should, but He is still the God who hears and answers prayer. Above all remember, “He is for you.”

This Week
Examine your expectations of God’s promises. Are you boxing Him in to fulfill them by your design and your timing?

Lord, I let go of my expectations and efforts to rush things and see Your promise fulfilled. You have the divine plan. I will trust Your timing and methods of fulfilling Your word because You are for me.

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