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Where Were You When Freedom Died?

By James Robison and Jay Richards July 18, 2010 Words of Life

I have written many important letters, but never one more important than this one.

As always, I am referring to issues of life and death, but this time it also includes the life, or death, of freedom we just celebrated on July 4th.

Betty and I have been married 47 years and never dreamed we would witness what we are seeing in our nation today.  We are more concerned than words can adequately express.  Freedom and faith in America are under attack, and if not addressed correctly, freedom as we know it . . . could die.

To this ministry many have faithfully given to share life, and to help the helpless and the suffering around the world in true, compassionate Christian charity.  Supporters have never been forced or required to share what God has given  – NEVER!  For this I am thankful, and I pray no one stops helping.  So many children and families in real need depend on us, and they clearly see the love of God in Christ when we address their pain.

I am writing this very personal letter with a broken heart, asking for your prayer and support to help me awaken the sleeping church and call America to repentance and a return to sanity.

Many national leaders are making unwise decisions, leading us into a pit of debt to be passed on to our children and those yet to be born.  Much of our population now supports taking the lives of the innocent unborn through what they ultimately intend to be tax-funded. 

Political leaders are also taking away opportunity, through debt, from those who will be born in coming years.  This practice, along with unrealistic promises are creating an entitlement mentality and a dependence on those who are actually encouraging destructive behavior like stealing, hoarding and, in fact, getting the government to steal for certain causes.  These practices actually hurt the poor and weaken those who could help them. 

God is leading me to openly address national issues, calling for a return to absolute principles that must be restored.  Our founders understood that true freedom – liberty – offers not only opportunities, but it also demands responsibility.

I am not talking about igniting some political power base.  I am, however, talking about awakening people from complacency and inspiring every spiritual leader and every believer to stand against the current destructive trends in our nation.

Everything sacred is under attack, beginning with faith, the family and freedom.

In recent months, God has accomplished such a deep work in my heart.  In prayer, Bible study, historical research and with Betty’s blessing, I find myself compelled to begin speaking out boldly concerning the destructive direction we are heading because so much of our population is deceived. While faith, family and freedom are openly attacked, most of the church seems to be sleeping, uninformed or indifferent.

As Paul said in Acts 20, we must warn everyone every night and day with tears, and hold back nothing that is profitable.  We must challenge those who understand the importance of faith, family and freedom to awaken out of their sleep. 

I do not want future generations to be asking of us, “Where were you when freedom died?”

I believe our viewers and supporters of LIFE Outreach are a very real part of what the Bible refers to as the “remnant” that can be used to inspire an awakening.  I am convinced if we stand together in prayerful agreement, we will witness the greatest move of God in history.

Our nation is, without question, being presently led on a path toward non-scriptural social justice.  Manipulators are convincing many churchgoers that failure to support this disastrous trend is lack of compassion.  My heart is broken over the sleeping church and the misinformed, deceived population in the United States and throughout the free world.

I am led to call church leaders and pastors together in prayer to seek God’s will concerning our nation.  There is a spirit of division and confusion prevailing in Washington as prayer and faith seem unimportant.  Problems are not being solved; they are increasing.  Meaningful attention to the plight of the poor is lacking today, and socialism is not the answer.  History confirms socialist governments always run out of other people’s money

Most elected representatives do not understand our founding principles or absolutes

I sincerely believe with the prayerful participation and the influence of people of faith, those who truly love God, we can inspire and insist that our leaders reason together concerning the moral, spiritual and physical issues facing us today. 

The church and caring, praying people can, and must, offer meaningful solutions to problems that government cannot effectively address without wisdom from God.

I am compelled to call for national repentance and a spiritual awakening.  Transformed people are essential if we are going to restore freedom’s foundation and help return our nation to sanity.  Without a spiritual awakening and divine guidance, Americans will likely continue to follow leaders who do not understand the principles necessary for freedom to survive and those without the character or conviction needed to uphold them.  This is why I am led to call church leaders together in prayer.

I must have the support of concerned friends to help deliver the message of repentance and hope to virtually every home in the civilized world through the LIFE TODAY telecast.  God will use the program to help inspire people to pray, become informed and take a stand.  I need prayerful support to bring church leaders together and continue giving attention to the suffering around the world who depend on our assistance, including the missionaries.  

We need not fear because our hope is in Christ, and together we can share His love and His transforming truth. Thank you for hearing my heart and letting me share so openly.  Let me know if you bear witness with my concernsTo be completely honest, my wife Betty and I need your encouragement in this battle. Please ask your friends to join us in prayer for an awakening.  May God help us understand and preserve freedom by returning to Him.

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