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What’s Good About Me?

By Nicole Crank December 10, 2017 Words of Life

Hi God. When I look at this huge world, I find myself wondering if my small life makes any difference at all. I don’t feel significant in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know that I really stand out in any specific area. 

I’m alive and moving, but not good at anything in particular. So is there more for me? I’m sure the enemy would love for me to get stuck here, discouraged and doubting myself. But I won’t let that happen. I have to put my mind, my thoughts, and my focus on you. 

You actually knew me before I was even born. You thought about me. You took time creating me in an exact and well-thought-out way. You intentionally gave me certain personality traits. You formed me to thrive and feel more alive doing specific things. You made me naturally good at certain things I might not even notice because they come so easily to me. 

Those traits aren’t trivial; they are purposeful. 

You created me to flourish using the gifts and talents you put in me — traits I might not even value yet. The abilities you gave me, they are irrevocable. No one can take them away. The only one who can hinder them is me by not tuning into them and using them. I might have done that before, but not anymore! 

Today, I take time to think about those things I naturally do well. And God, I’m going to figure out how to use those things for you. God, open doors of opportunity and reveal to me my deeper purpose. 

I vow that I will listen to and lean into you. I will tune into your voice, and I will live and fulfill the intended purpose you designed me for. Your future for me is great! 

Thank you for making me special.


Watch Nicole Crank this Tuesday on LIFE TODAY. Taken from Hi God (It’s Me Again) by Nicole Crank. Copyright ©2017 by Nicole Crank. Used by permission. 

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