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The Front Lines

By Rick Renner March 24, 2019 Words of Life

Living life on the front lines of battle can be exciting! If you score a big victory there, you will be heralded as one of God’s champions. However, the front lines are also where the greatest number of attacks occur. Out on the front lines – the cutting edge – Satan hits hard and often, trying to drive back the Lord’s brave soldiers who are storming hell’s gates and taking new ground for His Kingdom. And as the end of this age approaches, the severity of these attacks is becoming more acute. 

I can personally testify to many satanic attacks that have come against my family and me as we have pressed forward to take new territory for the Kingdom of God over the years. The enemy is always looking for ways to sabotage the life of a true front-line soldier. Therefore, in order to stand our ground and fight, we as believers have to live lives that leave no doors open to the enemy

If an unprepared believer is hit hard by one of Satan’s attacks, it has the potential of removing him or her permanently from the fight. History has shown time and time again that some believers are unwilling to do what is necessary to withstand the enemy’s onslaughts. Instead for standing their ground and tenaciously fighting back, they crumble under the pressure and retreat – abandoning their brothers and sisters in Christ to fight the battle on their own. Often these defectors are fearful that they will be associated with “radicals” who might fail or become objects of ridicule or scorn. As a result, they secede the front lines of battle that God has called them to protect.  This, of course, is exactly what Satan wants them to do. 

There is no doubt about it – living in the combat zone requires courage and wisdom! You must possess fierce determination and be able to understand the devil’s strategies so you can overcome his attacks and move forward to win fresh victories and take new territory for the Kingdom of God. 

God is calling! He is looking for a special brand of believers who want to enter the combat zone and live there according to His will and His ways. He needs resolute, committed Christians who know their place of victory in Christ and will challenge the devil, storm the gates of hell, and remain faithful until the job is accomplished. God is seeking spiritual warriors who will step forward to be enlisted ahead of the rest of the ranks, ready to fearlessly look the enemy in the eye and do battle! 

Although the risks are certain, they are far outweighed by the great rewards – and the far-reaching consequences of choosing not to fight. Warriors who avoid the battle stand to lose out on rewards, both in this life and the next. But for those who refuse to leave their position on the front lines until the battle is over, these brave spiritual warriors will have the “first pick” of the enemy’s plunder!


This is an excerpt from Life In The Combat Zone by Rick Renner. Copyright ©2018 by Rick Renner. Published by Harrison House Publishers. Used by permission.

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