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Love Conquers Hate

By James Robison and Jay Richards February 21, 2021 Words of Life

We continually witness the ugliness and damage hate produces. Why do we allow it to prevail? Because love, life and truth must be received and released freely through yielded lives and minds. Truth is often misunderstood and misapplied. Transforming truth must be delivered in unconditional, redemptive love.

Freedom allows all sides to be presented and heard. The First Amendment is important because it is in harmony with truth in God’s Word. His Word is always right and has transforming power when received and properly applied. It is often misunderstood, misrepresented or applied incorrectly. That nullifies the transforming effect.

We do not witness as often as we should the transforming power of love. We are easily captivated by it when we see it or experience its powerful effect. Expressions of love capture people’s attention and interest.

The Greatest Demonstration of Love

Jesus Christ is the greatest manifestation and demonstration of love ever revealed. Jesus not only changed the calendar — He changed history and the world, one life at a time. All great progress has been made by human beings created in the image of a love and truth-filled Being — God Himself, revealed in Jesus, who showed us God’s will can be done on earth, even in the midst of darkness, deception, division, death and destruction.

Yes, truth and love can prevail on earth in the face of evil’s fierce, deadly assault. It can win, and it is God’s born-from-above family that reveals and releases the undeniable power of love and transforming truth — not just delivered, but demonstrated.

Hate Kills the Ability to Rejoice in Good

What the world just witnessed in our Congress during the House impeachment and Senate Trial was hatred for a person: Donald Trump. As much as the hatred was personal, I believe it was also toward changes he wanted to make and positive changes he had already made.

The liberal, secular, progressive socialists hated any challenge or change in the power of the State. They hated the limiting of government control and regulations that had actually hurt businesses and opportunity — especially small businesses.

As one who loves freedom and believes there are essential, reliable principles that must be maintained for freedom’s blessings to be shared and preserved, I think many in the Deep State of Washington, D.C. — the Swamp — hate anything that threatens their absolute control. For many, the hatred extends to America itself.

President Trump and those who believe he really wanted what was best for all Americans were hated, too. They were the American “deplorables,” “scoundrels,” “chumps” or “mob,” or whatever hate-filled people wanted to label them.

It’s a burning hatred that consumes even the ability to enjoy good news.

They had too much hate to rejoice over rapidly rising employment, including the highest level ever among African Africans, Hispanics and Asians as examples.

They could not rejoice over a more secure border and healthy, safe immigration practices.

They could not rejoice when dangerous enemies of freedom were destroyed and peace was maintained through strength.

They could not rejoice when drug prices dropped and Space Force lifted off.

They could not rejoice over the medical miracle of vaccines for a pandemic created in record shattering time.

They could not rejoice over moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

They could not rejoice over four historic Middle East peace treaties, and new, positive relationships between long-time enemies in that blood-soaked region.

Let that sink in: In their hate, they could not rejoice over the spread of peace.

Hate-filled people should not serve in Congress and should be voted out as soon as possible.

Hate Destroys

Hatred destroys everything pertaining to life, Godliness and true freedom. (And to be clear, we are not talking about righteous contempt for everything that hurts, damages or destroys others.)

We must remember, those driven and controlled by hate are wrong and can be very dangerous. And we must keep an eye on ourselves.

We should all be concerned and even detest damage produced by hate. But it’s easy for hatred expressed by others to cause us to think that hatred toward them is justifiable, but it is not. (Hebrews 12:15)

We must never hate those who may disagree and be wrong or inaccurate. Healthy disagreement, discussion and debate is meaningful and can be very productive. We must offer everyone the opportunity to be heard and come to the table of reason and discussion.

We must not follow or accept cancel culture or limit freedom of expression, speech or the press.

We must follow the Master.

Learning from the Master

We must continually learn from the One perfect person who freely expressed unconditional love. It is God’s love that makes true freedom possible. That freedom will be maintained if we live in the shelter and shadow of the Almighty.

We are safe when we take the Lord’s yoke upon ourselves because He carries every weight and challenge we face and lightens every load with His love and compassion, while guiding us with wisdom and releasing the blessings only truth and freedom make possible. His truth, His principles establishing the unshakable foundation we are all challenged to build on. And stand on when facing the heat of hate.

The true freedom God offers allows a person to live with their fist clenched in His face in total rebellion, as a self-seeking, idolatrous individual. Although He gives us the freedom to live in rebellion, He loves us all far too much not to share clearly the consequences of such foolish actions. (Romans 1:18-32) History has confirmed the horrible, tragic results of such rebellion.

Light of Love Overcoming the Darkness of Hate

Never forget, there is no substitute for God’s love, truth, Word, wisdom and will — EVER. Doesn’t matter how smart, powerful or effective we become. Working miracles of meaningful achievement without God changing hearts and lives, the blessings and success freedom offers can lead to idolatrous practices and lifestyles where self-seeking and hate will rise, leading to the destruction of all that is precious.

The only force on earth that can withstand the deceptive, divisive, destructive forces and power of the gates of hell is the church of the living God, His family, the body of Christ. (Matthew 16:17-18)

Please keep in mind: God did not say, “If all people get right and pray.” He said, “If My people called by My name (the chosen generation, peculiar people) will pray, seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”

He did not say, “If all those liberals or leftists or Democrats or conservatives or right-wingers or Republicans or any identifiable group, tribe or race …” He said, “If My people will return to Me, I will return to you and, yes, heal our land, make up for the years the locusts (pandemic, pestilence or any damaging force) destroyed and pour out the blessings of the former and latter rain.”

As God said through all the prophets, major and minor, “I will restore productivity, blessings, fruitfulness, prosperity, and you will again have fruitful fields and abundant flocks.” (Joel 2:24-26)

The Responsibility is Ours

The last few years prior to the pandemic unleashed by the forces of hell, many biblically and historically confirmed principles were restored, and the blessings and benefits were undeniable and visible to all — even while dishonest, deceptive mass media representatives refused to acknowledge, recognize or appreciate them.

Unfortunately, in the past year, these blessings have been overcome by the powers and principalities of darkness, death and the destruction of true freedom.

However, if God’s people turn to Him— away from our wicked ways of indifference, complacency, lack of courage and compassion — and will truly repent, He will hear our prayers and heal the land. America can become an even greater miracle for the world to see through the rebirth of freedom here that will prove even greater than the fruit that followed the initial birth and development of this blessed, benevolent nation.

It’s time to “arise, shine with the glory of the Lord upon you” — His church, His people — to fulfill His kingdom purpose right now. (Isaiah 60:1)  The very real possibility of this happening is much closer and simpler than you can ever imagine. The people who are sick of darkness are ready to follow the transforming light of God’s love and truth when clearly revealed through Christ’s body, the church.

We can end this pandemic of hate.

“But now faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13:13 NASB)

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