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Words of Life

Living with Courage and Conviction

By John and Lisa Bevere April 15, 2018 Words of Life

As God puts his hand on us, it is evidenced in our lives. When the Word of God is not only preached with boldness but also lived with confidence, there is an atmosphere for change. There is a shift. We don’t just hear truth… we live truth. As the Holy Spirit quickens us, we come to attention, stand straighter, and have a greater awareness that the truth we carry within us is sacred. When God’s Word is preached through our lives, the Holy Spirit puts steel in our convictions. 

Those who have ears to hear will likewise receive the wisdom and courage to live in truth. The Word of God falls on good soil and produces a harvest first and foremost in our lives. This happens first in us so it can happen next through us. 

Recently, I had a text conversation with the beautiful, young, brave daughter in the faith. She asked me how I reconciled the fact that public people with amazing spiritual gifts had personal lives that were in shambles. Their private lives were plagued with everything from adultery, alcohol abuse, to a lack of financial transparency. I explained that I believe our lives preach louder than our gifts. God’s gifts are meant to be surrounded by the fruit of the Spirit, which is cultivated when we allow truth to have its way. 

We know the truth, we cannot act as though we are ignorant of it. If we don’t know the truth, we are invited to seek it. We seek it in God’s Word and see it in the life of Jesus. And once it’s discovered, we cannot continue to close our ears to the deafening cry for truth in a culture captive to the lies it told itself. Even now people are discovering that what they thought was freedom is in fact chains. Jesus is our truth in a world of lies. 

Truth is both lion and lamb. 

Truth is adamant, impervious to lies, and unmoved by the river of time. 

Truth speaks as loud in a whisper as it does in a shout. 

Truth is neither strengthened nor diminished by opinion. 

Truth is hard but never harsh. 

Truth does not argue, because it is the final word. 

Truth is more than timeless; it is eternal. 

Truth breeds conviction. 

We adamantly oppose any degradation of the truth by living the Word of truth. Truth should be evident in our personal lives. We cannot choose to remain in a posture of quiet comfort when so many are living in the discomfort of lies. 


Watch Lisa Bevere this Monday on LIFE TODAY. This is an excerpt from Adamant by Lisa Bevere. Copyright ©2018 by Lisa Bevere. Published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Used by permission.

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