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Inner Healing

By Cynthia Garrett April 19, 2020 Words of Life

He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released, and prisoners will be freed (Isaiah 61:1-3 NLT)

The heart is the seat of the soul. It’s the center of all emotions. The soul is your personality, the person God made you to be. When the heart is broken, it affects your personality. This is why many people don’t feel like victors. They feel like losers. You just can’t be the amazing and successful you God created you to be when your heart is broken.

When your heart is broken by an event, you wall up emotions and set them aside to cope with the day to day. Emotional brokenness leads to manifestations of behavior that are usually completely irrational and often ungodly. This can look like rebellion and sin to the world. So you’re judged and condemned, and more pain and brokenness is heaped on top of you, because now you’re hurt by being judged and condemned by people. (Gotta love the church! The only place that shoots its own wounded with zero comprehension as to why they’re wounded at all.)

God alone knows and judges the heart. This is why many times, blessing and covering continue to come to people you might otherwise judge as sinful and rebellious. Ahhhh. This is a big one. Pay attention.

Only God is qualified to judge a person’s heart because He is a good Father who understands the emotional wounds, injury, damage, and pain His children live with, usually unsuccessfully. Since His mercies endure forever, as does His love, I am so grateful He chose to cover me, bless me, sustain me, and provide for me while I figured out I needed inner healing. Being set free from the captivity of my broken emotional parts allowed me to return home to Him and to find my identity as determined by Him. It freed me to choose to live my life from the standpoint of being victorious, rather than from being a victim. Even though I have been victimized by circumstances and people, I am able to choose victory because my brokenness has been healed so that emotions like anger, blame, lack of faith, powerlessness, etc. no longer control me.

God never gave up. Yes, He saw the messes and mistakes and many times the rebellion the world saw. But He alone also saw the limitations, the wounds, the breaks, and the tears inflicted upon His child that had caused her to choose to live and behave way beneath her calling. As any good parent, He chose to guide patiently, lead mercifully, and rebuke gently. He never acted or spoke without love. And He never stopped pursuing me with love. Love never fails. Ever.

No matter what your life today looks like, His love never fails. He alone understands your brokenness like nobody else can or ever will. He desires to heal you from the emotional captivity your past holds you in, and He is not limited by human constraints in doing so. His is a supernatural healing. He, the same Savior who died for your sins, personally promises it.

Cynthia Garrett appears this Monday on LIFE TODAY. This is an excerpt from I Choose Victory: Moving From Victim To Victor by Cynthia Garrett. Copyright ©2020 by Cynthia Garrett. Published by Salem Books, an imprint of Regnery Publishing. Used by permission.

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