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Finding the Right Political Leaders Takes Time, Principles and Prayer

By James Robison and Jay Richards July 26, 2015 Words of Life

I have friends who are dismayed by how many presidential candidates there are. They worry that principled conservatives will waste all their energy competing with each other, and the temptation is to back “the strong horse” NOW and pressure all these others to drop out ASAP. That’s an understandable impulse, but I’m convinced it’s misguided.

The churning process can bring the cream to the top. The refiner’s fire can expose the dross. Iron sharpens iron. We need to let the process work while we pray, pay attention and champion the principles and commitments that made this nation great.

What should we pray for during the political campaign season? Pray for the president and national leaders every day and throughout the day. We live in serious times of crisis and decision. Begin now praying for the next president and congressional representatives, judicial and agency appointments that will be chosen in 2016 and beyond. We cannot allow foolish, unprincipled individuals to rule and ruin the day for us and our children.

Seek to gain wisdom and understanding of the times so we do not allow freedom to perish from the lack of knowledge. The Bible tells us if we lack wisdom, we can ask for it. As I have sought to do that, I believe God led me to hear and share the insights of others who know so much more about many challenges we face and are well qualified to address them. We launched The Stream to share this wisdom with those who care and want God’s best for everyone. I am amazed at what we can learn from Stream contributors who are gifted to help inform and enlighten us all.

We can boil some of that wisdom down right here. As the process of churning continues over the next several months, there are some particular things to look for in the candidates. I am often asked, “What kind of president and national leaders do we need?” One could write a book about that, but here is a quick list of thirteen characteristics. Look for:

  • Leaders who know God in a personal relationship and not just about Him. They should believe as our founders did in the importance of Divine Providence, believe it with conviction, not just as a too-often disregarded quote.
  • Leaders who not only ask for prayer, but believe in it so strongly they live on their knees so they can stand on a rock-solid foundation of proven principles.
  • A president and representatives who want what Father God wants: the very best for everyone, not merely their particular group, party or special interests.
  • Leaders who understand government’s primary role as protector — not provider — and who understand that government must be limited and under control, not in control.
  • Leaders who guard our freedom rather than redefining it and contributing to its destruction.
  • Leaders who can inspire others, even the opposition, to come to the table of reason for the good of our citizens and the glory of God.
  • Leaders who will bring federal spending under control, balance the budget, revamp the tax system and stop the secular progressive’s assault on the free market, the middle class and business owners, and the wealth and opportunity creators.
  • Leaders who refuse to support crony capitalism while encouraging citizens to stop making the successful “public enemy #1” and destroying the fertile fields of opportunity because of some self-centered, greedy rich people. The fertile fields that freedom provides are not the problem.
  • Leaders who value all life, including the weak, elderly, challenged and unborn, and who understand that strong marriages and family are the backbone of our nation.
  • Leaders who greatly respect, appreciate and support our armed service members.
  • Leaders who recognize evil for what it is and are committed to resist and overcome the extremists committed to the destruction of freedom and the West.
  • Leaders who guard our Constitution rather than redefine or disregard it.
  • Leaders who not only want God to bless America, but America to bless God and others.

Just think, we still have a chance to find and elect leaders like this, but we may not have that freedom much longer if those who should know better don’t bother to take their responsibilities to our nation seriously. Transforming our nation and our world begins by taking a stand after spending time on our knees in prayer.

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