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Believe in a God of Grace

By Joseph Prince February 9, 2014 Words of Life

Many today believe in a “religious” God. They believe that God is against them when they fall short, that He is angry with them when they fail, that fellowship with Him is cut off when they make mistakes. They believe that God is perpetually unsatisfied with them, waiting impatiently to be appeased. They imagine a God who is constantly judging them for their weaknesses, shaking His head in abject disappointment at their mediocrity or never-ending failures. They believe that they are not good enough for God and will never be good enough for Him.

It’s no wonder that instead of running to the one true solution, they run in the opposite direction when they are hurting. So there is a great deception, a powerful, wrong belief about God that has trapped many in the vicious cycle of condemnation, guilt, fear, defeat, and addiction.

My friend, the God I know is a God of infinite grace. He is repugnant to the “religious,” but gracious and irresistible to those who are hurting.

No matter what you are going through today, whatever addictions may be binding you, right believing can and will set you free. Start with believing this powerful truth:

God is a God of grace and forgiveness. He loves you very much,and He doesn’t hold mistakes against you.

Begin to believe His love for you and your entire life will be transformed. Right believing always leads to right living. If you can change what you believe, you can change your life!


Watch Joseph Prince this Monday and Friday on LIFE TODAY. This is an excerpt of The Power Of Right Believing by Joseph Prince. Copyright ©2013 by Joseph Prince. Reprinted by permission of FaithWords/Hachette Book Group. All rights reserved.

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