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Be Yourself

By Christine Caine October 20, 2013 Words of Life

Have you ever been shopping and found an outfit that looks identical to the one your favorite celebrity wore on the red carpet, and for a fraction of the price? So you buy it only to realize it doesn’t quite look like it did on the waif-thin actress. The clothes don’t feel right and you don’t quite feel like yourself in them. It’s probably because, while the outfit looks great on the celebrity, it’s not your style! I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to buy something, but after trying the “look” on in the dressing room, I quickly discovered this 5’2″ Greek woman simply can’t pull it off!

Way too often, we women get so caught up with trying to be like someone else we forget how special we are. Galatians 6:4 says, “Each of you should test your own actions. Then you can take pride in yourself, without comparing yourself to somebody else.” Comparing your life, your calling, your schedule, or even your way of doing things with someone else’s will only bring frustration.

For instance, my neighbor is a brilliant stay-at-home mom raising several children, an effective member of the PTA, a freelance graphic artist who volunteers this gift once a week at her church — and still is able to cook a gourmet meal each night for her family. What if she looked over her fence into my life and decided that having and doing it all meant she needed to do all the things she’s wired to do and everything she saw me doing…even though she absolutely hates traveling and public speaking? Now, that would be a problem! Her husband and kids would be frustrated that she was gone so much pursuing something she doesn’t even enjoy; plus she’d eventually get kicked off the PTA for too many absentee votes, and her church would be forced to revert back to using clip art. And I don’t even want to think about the chaos my family would experience if I tried to accomplish her “all,” while simultaneously traveling and preaching around the world and helping victims of human trafficking. Clearly, we should each pursue having and doing our own unique “all.” So relax…love yourself and who God made you to be. Life’s so much simpler when you do.


This is an excerpt from can i have and do it all, please? by Christine Caine. Copyright 2009 by Christine Caine. Published by Equip & Empower Ministries. All rights reserved. Watch Christine all this week on LIFE TODAY.

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