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A Real Rock Star

By Randy Robison August 25, 2013 Words of Life

“This can’t be Christian music,” I thought when I first saw the long-haired singer’s image on the cover of the vinyl album. Even his name was written in a swashbuckling script that looked way too worldly to my strict Baptist mind. The music sounded like mainstream rock-n-roll and the vocals were like nothing I’d heard. But when I heard him sing, “I wanna be more, I need to be more like Jesus,” I was captivated.

I still love the album More, but when I met the man behind the message I realized that Mylon Le Fevre was much more than a singer, but an amazing testimony to God’s power and love. In his new book Live Forever, Mylon chronicles his religious upbringing, wayward past, and radical salvation.

I remember calling my parents the first time I got stoned and telling my mom, “You and Dad have to try this. It will really help our family lighten up and enjoy our lives more.” Momma freaked out. I heard her tell my dad, “Mylon’s become a dope fiend!” Dad got on the phone and read me the riot act for upsetting Momma. He was really hot about it and I was really glad I was stoned.

During those early years of rock and roll, marijuana, cocaine, psychedelics, and speed seemed to be available at every concert. So, crazy as it sounds now, my band and I got on board. Before every rehearsal, concert, and recording session, we got high together. Then we circled up, joined hands, and prayed for God to bless us with hit songs and records. We thought we were all Christians simply because we weren’t atheists, Buddhists, or Muslims. Raised in the Bible belt where going to church was the politically correct thing to do, for most of us Christianity was a religious tradition rather than a relationship.

I can honestly say that through all those years of excessive and eventually self-destructive drug abuse, I always believed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. I even put crosses on all of my stage clothes, guitars, albums, and band equipment. I knew a lot about Jesus from all the things that others had told me. The problem was, I did not really know Him.

By the time I met Mylon, he was a changed man. It was my first interview for the student newspaper at Oral Roberts University and his band Mylon Le Fevre and Broken Heart came through town. He was gracious enough to sit down with me. I saw a man who had been to hell and back, but lived to tell about it. He was humble, honest, and burning with the desire to tell the world how Jesus Christ had personally transformed an ex-junkie rock star into a new creation.

That was over 25 years ago and Mylon has never wavered in his passion for God and concern for the lost. He’s now ministering wherever the Lord leads him, often in prisons where he talks about spiritual freedom and the eternal joy God promises.

“You may be thinking that your life is so messed up that it’s too late for you,” he says, “but please remember that I accepted Jesus in 1980 after years of heroin and cocaine addiction. I had been stoned continually for about fifteen years. I was an adulterer, a habitual liar, and an angry, self-centered fool. But glory to God, He set me free! First, He forgave me and then He filled me with His Holy Spirit!”

Mylon traded the rock-n-roll lifestyle for a life built on the Solid Rock and never looked back. His testimony continues to encourage those who are hopeless, confused, and lost. Our Mighty God put a new song in his heart and he will sing it forever.

You are my light
You are the love of my life
You’re the song I sing
You’re the source of my victory
(Mighty God by Mylon Le Fevre)

Mylon’s website is Check out his interview at YouTube.

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