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The Habit of Nearness

By Robert J. Morgan Words of Life

We can more easily develop a calming, continuing dependence on God by regularly remembering how near He is. How present He is. During my college days, a few buddies and I were hiking somewhere in a beautiful gorge when we detoured over a ravine by walking across a fallen tree….

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Absolute Surrender

By Michele Cushatt Words of Life

It took a third cancer diagnosis to force me to let go of my life. Not that I had much choice in the matter, but for the year before, I’d been tirelessly attempting to control my fate. I changed my diet, eating less sugar and more cruciferous vegetables. I ran…

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By Tim Ross Words of Life

One time, I was at the Cheesecake Factory—which I lovingly refer to as my northside office—for a lunch meeting. A young lady was serving our table, and for some reason the Holy Spirit kept saying, “She’s beautiful… She’s beautiful… She’s beautiful… “ I didn’t want to tell the young lady…

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Don’t Settle For Less

By Andrew Carter Words of Life

 I saw a powerful illustration on social media recently. There was an image of a little girl hugging her stuffed teddy bear tightly while Jesus was right in front of her kneeling down with one hand out signaling for her to give Him the bear. She didn’t want to hand…

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You Can Smile

By Laney Rene Words of Life

When Clayton and l were engaged and a few months away from getting married, he would come straight to my house every day after work. One day when he got to my house, I could tell something was troubling him. Clayton’s countenance was typically light, but on this day I…

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Buckle Up

By Randy Robison Words of Life

Are you ready for this year? Here in the United States, it’s another election year. Remember the last one? As we popped the champagne corks (metaphorically, of course) four years ago, we had no idea we were about to face a global shutdown from an engineered virus, pastors being arrested…

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