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Northwood Church


Jim Hylton has shared a life message of “Awakening” for fifty years. As a pastor and conference speaker, he has traveled the world to encourage an awakened awareness of God’s presence with His accompanying love-filled benefits. Awakening to the Kingdom of God motivated him to become a catalyst for networking churches and organizations in citywide endeavors in Fort Worth, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As he identified ways to meet needs through God’s active presence in His kingdom, Jim co-founded a medical clinic with two medical doctors and an administrator. His role at the Ft. Worth clinic includes encouragement and support for people who suffer from complications of diabetes, where he sees therapy offered resulting in remarkable improvements for the patients. He continues his speaking engagements and teaching forums. Jim is currently staff pastor at Northwood Church in Keller, Texas. He and his wife of sixty years, Jane, reside in Fort Worth.

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