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Already celebrated as a prolific artist, Olivia reaches a new milestone with “I Believe It Now,” her duet with the chart-topping Christian band Sidewalk Prophets. Known for documenting her own transformation from a non-believer to a faithful follower — or, as she calls it, “from atheist to amen” — during a popular string of viral TikTok posts, Olivia Lane began sharing the song and soon found herself joining Sidewalk Prophets in the recording studio, adding passion and poignancy to a re-recorded version of “I Believe It Now.”

“I Believe It Now” marks the second faith-driven hit by Olivia Lane, who released “Woman at the Well” — a single inspired not only by her turn to God, but also her longtime roots in modern country music — in 2021. The song quickly found a home on The Message, SiriusXM’s contemporary Christian station, and has been accumulating spins ever since.

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