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Matthew Barnett is the founder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California – a 24-hour church that ministers to 35,000 hurting people a week.  From gangsters and addicts, to orphans, and the hopeless – many of the world’s misfits come through the center’s doors in search of hope.  Cassie Demman is one of the miraculous misfits who later joined the Dream Center’s staff.  After years of alcoholism and substance abuse Cassie came to the center for help.  She then joined their discipleship program, where she discovered her freedom and purpose.  Today, Cassie is the director for the center’s food truck ministry that feeds tens of thousands of people a week.   Together, Matthew and Cassie will discuss his new book, Misfits Welcome:  Find Yourself in Jesus and Bring the World Along for the Ride.

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