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Keeya Vawar began as a contributing writer for the Dallas Weekly newspaper in 1992. She has produced articles in various publications, such as XXL (Harris Publications), The Eclipse Magazine, and, most recently, Voyage Magazine. She has appeared in documentaries, on podcasts, and on blogs, being featured as a speaker, lived-experience survivor, and workshop facilitator who’s book One Thousand Elsewhere: A True Survivor Story was released this year. She spends the bulk of her time empowering young women and leading initiatives that support trafficking victims. Her motivation and passion for inspiring youth and women of all ages are inextricably linked to her own story of hardship and survival against insurmountable odds. As a result, Keeya connects with audiences large and small through workshops and consultations, and she is known for her uncanny ability to help others understand otherwise obscure experiences. Keeya’s current work focuses on advocacy, collaboration, and consultation with organizations that rescue women and children from trafficking. She works for Bochy’s Place, a safe house in North Texas with a program in place to empower victims long term who have escaped the life. She resides with her husband of 20 years. Together they have three children—a college sophomore, a college freshman, and a high school junior.

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