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Actress, writer, master oral storyteller and independent film producer, Karen Abercrombie is also an activist and avid environmentalist. Early 2023 she had the pleasure of stepping into the Marvel universe for the first-time, playing Grandma Quill in “The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3.” Abercrombie has a long list of impressive film, television and stage credits to her name, but it wasn’t until her award-winning portrayal of Miss Clara in the Kendrick Brothers film, “War Room”, in 2015 that she really started to get noticed.

In 2019 Karen formed Earth Mother Entertainment, a multi-faceted media company that develops and creates content with the intention of educating, fostering hope, inspiring, and uplifting people in society that have been continuously dealt the lesser hand, and connecting people from all backgrounds together with stories that have common threads. Karen believes that art…creativity is a precious gift and a powerful tool that when used in a positive way, it can bring healing, unity and balance into the world, making it a better place for all people. To date Karen has written and produced four films, “Discarded Things,” “Angels Unaware,” “Christmas Angel,” and “Heaven Sent.” All are currently streaming on the Pure Flix, Amazon Prime, Peacock and Netflix streaming platforms. Earth Mother Entertainment currently has three new film projects on deck to be produced. One drama, “Lost and Found” and two fantasy, family adventure films, “Pegasus” and “The Book Club.” Karen has recently been in dialogue with a well-known mainstream studio about bringing one of her TV projects on board for a season to see how it does.

On January 1, 2024, Abercrombie’s travel and lifestyle vlog, “LIVNG Simply Naturally & Well” will make its debut on her YouTube Channel.

Karen is the mother to one son.

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