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Justin is a highly successful MMA fighter, on the Ultimate Fighter Reality TV show, and a UFC veteran. Justin was a five time Prep All-American at Dallas’ Bishop Lynch High School. He was also a two time National Champion in Greco Roman wrestling.  As a teenager Justin battled depression and suicidal thoughts. When he watched his first UFC event, something clicked with him and he felt he had found his purpose. While pursuing that dream he began to use drugs and became an addict.  In April of 2010, his fellow teammates voted him off the team and he was told that he should go to rehab. Instead, out of  the blue an old friend invited him to a Quest retreat for men. He had no religious ties, but went anyway and his life was changed. In July of 2011 and August of 2012 he went on mission trips to the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with the Pygmy tribes. In August of 2013 he plans to go back for a year to help these people who are enslaved and victimized by other tribes in the region. He will be working with Shalom University in an effort to free the Pygmy people and provide them with homes of their own.

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