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Josh McDowell Ministry


The mission of Josh McDowell Ministry is to serve others until the whole world hears about Jesus.

Josh McDowell Ministry’s vision is that true followers of Jesus everywhere live, defend and share their faith because they know that the Christian faith is reliable, relational and relevant to their lives. The Ministry serves students, parents, leaders, churches and virtual movements through the production of innovative events and cutting edge ministry resources in the heart languages of people everywhere.

The Ministry’s core values are truth, relationships, fruitfulness, serving others, and innovation and creativity.

Josh D. McDowell has been at the forefront of cultural trends and groundbreaking ministry for more than 50 years. He shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language so that people of all ages and stages are prepared for the life of faith and the work of ministry. This includes meeting the needs of people through leveraging resources based on years of experience, new technologies, and strategic partnerships. Josh is passionate about helping people know the truth, understand why they believe it, and experience it in their relationships by living out their faith.

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