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Jody is best known for being a member of the award-winning groups Avalon and Cana’s Voice. In addition to his group endeavors, Jody is also a solo artist, speaker, and worship leader. He has traveled the world telling his story and utilizing his gifts with countless people in the hope that, through sharing his life experiences, others will be changed for the better. Jody lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife, Stephanie, and his daughter, Sarah-Clayton. Jody McBrayer’s story is a testimony to the power of faith. It’s how—when he was at the end of his rope—God met him in unimaginable and miraculous ways. So Far, So Good beautifully lays out life like a mosaic–opportunities of acclaim and fortune among moments of deep heartbreak, regret, and personal disappointment, all culminating in a life destined for purpose.

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