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Why I Hate Religion but I Love Jesus…“Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums…one is the work of God and the other is a man-made invention. One is a cure and the other is an infection.” “Religion puts you in bondage, while Jesus sets you free”.  These lines are from Bethke’s Spoken Word Poem and YouTube sensation.  This video went viral and has been viewed over 20 million times since January 10, 2012.  Jeff has struck a chord with the 18-29 year old demographic and his heart is to reach the younger generation with the timeless message of the gospel of Jesus.  Bethke understands the difference between religion and freedom all too well.  He claimed to be a Christian yet he was addicted to pornography and getting wasted.  He was no different than the unbeliever until he got to know Jesus and walk in His grace.

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