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After almost two decades, the problems that created the Columbine High School shootings still have a profound impact on our society.  Darrell Scott is the father of the first Columbine victim; Rachel Joy Scott. Since that fateful day in 1999, Darrell has spoken to over 5 million educators, students, parents and professionals in live settings around the world.  An innovative thought leader in the areas of school climate and culture, Darrell has co-authored two books with Dr. Robert Marzano and has received the “Friends of Education” award from the states of Texas and New York.  Darrell is also the founder of Rachel’s Challenge, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping schools break down the walls that lead to harassment, isolation and violence.  Darrell joins us onLIFE Today with a story of hope and help that will undoubtedly bring people together, spur personal reflection, and spark positive change.

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