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After years of trying diet pills, struggling with bulimia, and losing and gaining weight, Danna Demetre wondered if she’d ever break free from her bondage. Through prayer and in complete brokenness, she discovered the power of renewing her mind biblically and learned how to practice a few simple nutritional principles that eventually became her sustainable lifestyle. She has experienced weight loss and health for over 30 years!

Danna is the author of many book titles to include What Happened to My Life? and Change Your HabitsChange Your Life. She recently co-authored Eat Live Thrive Diet with Robyn Thomson.

Danna is also popular retreat and conference speaker with over 20 years experience sharing the hope she found in Christ to transform her in many struggles of life.

Robyn Thomson has coached thousands toward greater nutritional health and weight loss and she thought she’d discovered a lasting lifestyle to stay lean into middle age and beyond. However, when her weight started to creep up and my appetite went out of control – she realized she needed a much more comprehensive solution as she approached her 50’s. Thankfully, she found it and am now she’s as lean as I was in her 20’s.

Danna & Robyn are both guest presenters as well as occasionally produce their own events for women under the non-profit ministry – Women of Purpose.

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