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Anne Neilson has published several books, including three coffee table books, Angels In Our Midst, Strokes Of Compassion, and Angels: The Collector’s Edition. Her books include Anne Neilson’s Angels, Refresh and Inspire, Entertaining Angels, and The Brushstrokes Of Life. Because of the high demand for her original oils, Anne Neilson Home launched in 2013, which is a collection of luxury home products complementing the Angel series and providing one-of-a-kind beauty and quality. In 2014, Neilson opened Anne Neilson Fine Art (ANFA), a gallery in Charlotte, NC, representing over 60 artists throughout the country. ANFA showcases masterpieces from the finest artists and shines a light on charitable organizations by donating a portion of art proceeds each month. With a passion to make a difference in the world, Neilson continues to paint, write, and share her journey through speaking engagements. She is also a wife of 29 years to Clark and a mother to four adult children.

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